Friday 28 July '17

Sad news

Laurettie suddenly past away

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Monday 13 March '17


Great success for Corneel

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Friday 3 March '17

Willy Wonka in the USA

Hunter champion

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Stal de Pluum
Camphuysenweg 2
7039 CK Stokkum
tel.: +31 (0) 6 20361545
fax.: +31 314 682008
KvK.: 56079125


Stal de Pluum is a quirky horsebreeding established and owned by Ben van Uhm.

We produce(d) a lot of succesful horses (dressage, showjumping, Friesians and ponies).

We have around 140 horses and ponies and breed 25 to 35 foals every year. The majority is outsourced for rearing or sport in Holland and Germany. 

A selection of succesful horses bred by Stal de Pluum:

Jumping: Corbusier (1.60 with Christian Rhomberg), Corneel (1.50m with James Paterson-Robinson), La Nina Ruella (1.45m), Cadmo van de Pluum (1.45m), Suhreste (1.55m), Monaco (1.45m), Tagello (1.40m), Radetzky (1.50m). 

Dressage: This One (Grand Prix) and Always Hope (PSG/Inter I).

Friesians: Aswyn van de Pluum and Vrowke van de Pluum.

Ponies: Mentozia (jumping level 1.25m), member of the German national showjumping team.

View our page to "meet" our approved stallions Wilfred (AES- Guidam x Nolisco x Polydox), Cadmo (AES- Ultimo x Casco x Cadmus XX) and pony Mason (AES + Rheinland and Hannover - Maverick x Winner W x Tetworth Crimson Lake), broodmares, sport- horses and ponies, Friesans.